Posted On June 7, 2007

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 surfing cheat
surfing with a red puffle!

surfing with a puffle is really cool!
I will also give you a tip that is DOSEN’T work with any other colours!!!!!!!
summer cheats
 divers helmet
how to find a divers helmet  
If you want to get the divers helmet click on the newspaper hat, trust me its quite cool!
 red viking helmet and blueviking helmet
red viking helmet 
to get a red viking helmet click in the middle of the floppy hat and the trendy sunglases to get the blue viking helmet open and close 4-6 times.
DO it slowly (the opening and closing to check if you have to blue viking helmet. 
also if you just miss it and it goes back to red close the catalog the go to the same page and try again or just turn the page.
 blue cape
blue cape  
to get a blue cape click on the marching bands feather, quite straight forward.
head phones(there isn’t any music but there cool)
to find the head phones click on the festive sombrero hat and then it will pop up do you wnat to buy headphones or a headphones. 

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